Our core Values


We have built a reputation over the years. We intend to live up to it and never to disappoint. Get your desired services in a very professional and respectful manner.


At complex Solutions Ventures, we will keep you informed on all developments related to the choice of your job through either by SMS, Email or telephone call.

Fast Processing

We advertise for the jobs that are readily available. Rest assured that we place our candidates to their jobs within a week from interview date, keeping all factors constant.

Our Beliefs.

Skilled Labor

Kenyans possess the skills and work ethic desired by Gulf employers.

Cultural Understanding

Cultural understanding is key to successful employment in the Gulf

Economic Growth

workers abroad contribute positively to both their families and the national economy.

Mission Statement.

To offer the most competitive human resource outsourcing services, in a bid to
exceed the expectations of all our clients while observing strict adherence to
local and international legal framework provisions and guidelines for the labor
market players.

Our mission goes beyond simply connecting Kenyans with jobs. We strive to create a holistic experience that fosters fulfilling careers, positive cultural exchange, and professional growth

Vision Statement.

• To be the leading provider of skilled and unskilled, domestic and global human
resource solutions.
• To be the leading provider of RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and
CMO (Contractual Management Outsourcing) to enhance the client’s
operational efficiency.

Our Values.

• Professionalism
• Team work
• Client focus
• Integrity
• Passion

Building bridges of opportunity, where Kenyan talent meets Gulf ambitions, and cultural exchange fosters shared success.

Meet the Team

Peter Mwangi Maina

Peter Mwangi Maina

Managing Director
Erick Maina Mwangi

Erick Maina Mwangi

operations Manager